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Clinical studies

Dry1Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that affects the eccrine sweat glands and manifests by excessive sweating.

Solution to the problem – sweat-prevention product “Dry Dry” from the Swedish manufacturer «Lexima AB».

The purpose of the clinical research

To study the efficacy and safety of a cosmetic products against sweating “Dry Dry”.

The tasks set to achieve the goal:

Design of the research

A prospective single-center open clinical research.

Efficiency evaluation methods

As a criterion to evaluate the effectiveness was the duration of antiperspirant effect in days, registered on the basis of research:

Results of the research

During the monitoring of 38 volunteers (9 men and 29 women) who suffered from hyperhidrosis of different localization and intensity, within 8 days it was found that the duration of antiperspirant effect lasts up to 7 days.

Moreover, at the end of the research program, two patients with axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis had a sweating rate close to zero, according to a gravimetric test.

Important: during the research, patients were taking daily hygieneprocedures – shower, hand and feet washing, without breaking the usual mode.


Table 4.­ Duration of “Dry Dry” antiperspirant effect.

«Dry Dry effectively prevents hyperhidrosis of anyintensity, localization and able to maintain its action up to 7 days”.


Figure 2. Dynamics of Dermatology Life Quality Index of the patients once used “Dry Dry”.

The average DLQI of patients was significantly (p <0.05) decreased at the end of the study compared with baseline and reached 18.75% against 54.79%.

Interesting fact. When assessing DLQI it was found that women are much more affected by hyperhidrosis in the selection of clothing and contact with relatives, than men.

Figure 1.Macrophotographsof problem areasduringthe Minor test.

The results of the safety and tolerability

The research of the safety found that “Dry Dry” hasa good tolerability.

Safety assessment has identified the possible occurrence of individual sensitivity to the ingredients in the form of skin flakiness.

Side effects such as quickly passing burning or tingling sensation, corresponds the instructions for use.


Figure 3.Distribution of patients by the dynamics of skin conditions (indicator – flaking) after completion of the research.


The results of evaluation of consumer properties


Figure 4.The results of the consumer properties test of“Dry Dry” product. The axis of ordinate– number of respondents.


The obtained results allow to assess consumer properties of the test product as high.

“Most of the patients highly appreciated the consumer properties of “Dry Dry” – appearance, convenient bottle shape, comfort in use.”


A prospective single-center open clinical research of a cosmetic product “Dry Dry” has revealed:

“The results of the study allow us to recommend “Dry Dry” products topeople with hyperhidrosis of any intensity and localization, preventing sweating for a long time (up to 7 days) maintaining necessary safety measures according to the instruction for use.”

Consumer information

Dry Dry” – sweating control product with a long-action.Suitable for underarms, palms and feet.

Mechanism of action

“Dry Dry” prevents excessive sweating by reducing sweat glands in the treated areas. Apply onto the skin an hour or so before sleep on absolutely dry skin.The skin should be thoroughly dried before application.

“Dry Dry” may cause a slight burning or stinging sensation on the treated areas. The main cause of irritations is not enough dried skin. If you have any burning or itching sensations, wash off the product from the skin with water and apply moisturizing cream on it. If irritation persists, don’t use“Dry Dry”.

Instructions for use

Before use, remove the black cover, push the applicator into the neck of the bottle, screw the white cap until it stops. Suitable for underarms, palms and feet.Clean and thoroughly dry the skin. Apply the product and let it dry for 2-3 minutes. Don’t wet the skin until the morning. In the morning take your usual water procedures. If you suffer from excessive sweating apply 2 days in a row to achieve maximum effect. No restrictions on use.

Safety measures

Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.Usage is not recommended within 48 hours after removing or shaving hair from the places that are going to be treated.

Immediately after applying theproduct may leave traces on clothes. For external use only.If swallowed seek medical advice immediately. Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not use “Dry Dry” near open flames.


Denatured alcohol (Butanol, Denatonium), Aluminum Chloride Hydrate – 30.5%.

Product description.Colorless transparent liquid in a bottle of 35 ml.

Shelf life. 3 years.

Storage conditions

There are no special storage requirements.


«Lexima», Blasutgatan, 9 B, 414 56, Goteborg, Sweden

Our diploms

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Clinical studies

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